October 21, 2022

The Best Tools & Programs for Creatives

Amy Wren

Before starting this little business of mine, I’ve spent the last 10 years working in Creative Digital Marketing. Throughout my career I’ve pretty much trialed and errored every marketing tool, email marketing, web hosting, content creating platform there is! When I’m not spending time with my family, teaching yoga and taking photos, I love helping other creatives and conscious business owners set up successful tools to help streamline their processes which is why I’ve put together this simple cheat sheet.

Here is a list of my most recommended tools and programs to help your business thrive:

Website 〰️

Squarespace – For me, Squarespace is by far the most user friendly and beautifully designed website platform on the internet. I have tried Wix, WordPress and Square and none of these even come close to offering the functionality Squarespace does. If you don’t have your own web designer to build you something from scratch then I highly recommend you go for Squarespace, it offers beautiful templates and offers the best use experience for you and your clients.

Email Marketing & Newsletters 〰️

Flodesk – The day I found Flodesk was honestly SO game changing for me. I had previously been using Mailchimp for the last 10 years and I find it is so clunky, the templates are outdated and the user experience hasn’t improved much since I signed up. Flodesk has the options to easily segment your audience (which I highly recommend to absolutely anyone with an email list), email automation and workflows to easily communicate with your audience. You don’t need a marketing degree or expensive agency to set up the sales funnels, they are so seamless and easy to navigate. Writing Newsletters and setting up my email automation is now one of my favourite (boring admin-y) things to do thanks to Flodesk.

Content Creation 〰️

Canva I love Canva, it’s so simple and easy to use with a tonne of templates. I highly recommend Canva for anyone with limited Graphic Design skills, it’s quick, drag and drop style work flow is a no brainer for anyone with limited time or limited design skills.

Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe requires a bit more skill and is suitable for someone who is either very tech savvy and keen to learn how to use more in depth design programs. The perks of skilling up and familiarising yourself with Adobe is that you can do pretty much anything you can dream of. Whatever you can come up with, Adobe can make it happen.

Fiverr – Don’t have the time for Canva or skills for Adobe, jump on Fiverr and find someone who does. Fiverr is a platform full of creatives who can churn out work in a matter of hours. See that little animated logo on the top left corner of my website? I really wanted my logo to be animated so I sent my logo over to an animator on Fiverr and that’s what he sent back to me only 5 hours later. How good!?

Printify – Do you have an event that you need customised merch for? Printify allows you to easily add your own designs and branding to t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and hundreds of other products. Perfect if you are hosting a retreat or event and want to give your community some personalised gifts to take away.

Social Media Management 〰️

PLANN – Do you hate planning social media content? Well, treat yourself and download PLANN. It schedules out all your videos, photos and social media posts onto Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest AND LinkedIn. It also has heaps of ideas for content, caption suggestions and creative strategy to help grow your social accounts.

Business & Project Management 〰️

Trello – If you have never used a project management system before then your life is about to seriously change. If you have, then you may be familar with Asana, Trello or Notion. At least these are the 3 that I’m familiar with and Trello wins for me! I have used Asana and Trello extensively in a few different companies I have worked for and the Asana lovers out there may argue with me that I have chosen Trello as my favourite but I just find the work flow is soo much better. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think?

Client Engagement 〰️

Typeform – Say goodbye to boring Google forms, say hello to Typeform. Create forms, surveys and quizzes that people enjoy answering, that looks beautiful too.

Gallery Management 〰️

Pic-Time – This is the system I used to upload all the beautiful images I take of my clients to share with them. You can add watermarks to your images and your clients can easily view, share and download any high res photos. The layout is beautiful and it’s far more pro-fresh (yes, thats a word) than a boring Dropbox link. You can also add a shop into the gallery where you clients can easily order prints and albums. Use my code ‘KEPDX5’ to get your first month free!

Client Communications 〰️

Calendly – Easy shareable links that you can add to your website or send directly to your clients for them to book in with you. As always, it’s super user friendly, easy to update your times and has a really streamline booking process. I would be lost without my good old Calendly link.

Loom – This is a new program I’ve recently started using and I’m obsessed. To the point that right after I’ve written this blogpost I’m going to go and see if they are registered on the stock mark, because I’m going to invest! It’s a new way to deliver video messages and screen record your phone or desktop. You can easily video record messages, record presentations and drop the link into an email or message and send it directly to a client or colleague. It’s such a cool way to communicate and makes it all that more personal when people can actually see your face. I think Loom is going to be the next big thing in the digital communication space. Let me know what you link, or better yet, send me a Loom!

This blog post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission for a sale that I refer, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I personally use that have had a profound impact on my business. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at amy@captureandflow.com