March 8, 2024

Meet Brisbane Stylist & Florist Harvest By Monique

Amy Wren

Meet Brisbane stylist and florist Harvest by Monique. Here we will get to know her, her process and how she approaches each event with a passion to craft unique, personalised experiences. Keep reading to discover how Monique can turn your vision into a reality and how her relatable personality ensures each client feels connected to the design process.

Styling and floral design have the ability to captivate the senses, creating a visual narrative that speaks to someones personality and unique journey. Event Stylist and florist, Monique works alongside clients to bring their vision to life by getting to know their story, what excited them and how they want to feel on their day. This personalised approach ensures that each event feels individual, as no two people are alike, adding an intimate touch that resonates throughout the day.

Wedding Styling

How to know if a stylist is right for you –

Styling is an essential element on your wedding day, it create the entire look, feel and atmosphere. With a background in travel, Monique understands the importance of sourcing items that will make your event both memorable and beautiful. From the initial consult she crafts custom proposals that allow each couple a detailed understanding of her process, deliverables and how everything will unfold on the day.

This detail oriented approach entails gathering inspirational images, crafting designs and briefs, and formulating detailed quotes for each client. Monique is passionate about ensuring each person feels supported and can enjoy the planning journey knowing that everything is being taken care of.

To determine if a stylist is right for you, observe their portfolio, communicate openly about your preferences, and assess their ability to understand your creative vision.

“I find immense pleasure in building authentic relationships with each couple, tailoring bespoke experiences where their desires are heard and their dreams become a reality. For me helping to craft these cherished memories is more than a passion, it is a calling and I feel so privileged to be a part peoples stories.”

– Harvest by Monique

Custom bow by Ruby Bellinger

Wedding Flowers

How flowers can elevate your styling and complete your wedding day look –

From the very start Monique works with transparency, honesty and encourages you to have fun with the look of your day. Seamlessly offering bespoke floral design, alongside styling as the two go hand in hand to compliment each other on your day. These two services are essential when it comes to how a venue feels and how your theme flows from one space to another.

Here are Monique’s tips to choosing the right florist or stylist for you:

  1. Consider someone who has a deep understanding of how certain florals can enhance the look of your theme.
    For example if your stylist is curating a spring theme they may choose to include particular florals that make stationary or crockery pop. Tying colours in is an important aspect to ensure there is cohesion and a flow to your look.
  2. Decide on if you would like your florals or styling to be the main character.
    To create a balanced look consider either minimal styling or florals as this approach will allow the styling of your day to pop instead of being overwhelming.
  3. Work with someone you like.
    It goes without saying that you should click with your vendors, but if you don’t like the person creating the atmosphere of your day, you will likely not LOVE the end result. This is huge as you want to walk into your wedding and be blown away by every little detail your stylist and florist has created for you.
  4. If you have no idea on how to create your dream look, then don’t compromise and do it yourself. If you are someone who is unsure of how to create the perfect wedding style, then a stylist needs to be at the top of your priority list. There are so many creative couples who are incredible at designing elements for their day, but simply don’t know how to bring the entire look together. I work alongside them to include these sentimental details, weaving other items into the look that will compliment and enhance the style of the day.
Beautiful styling design by Kreating with K

How much does it cost to hire a stylist and florist for your wedding?

On average the cost of an Australian wedding stylist and florist is approximately $9,704

The cost of a stylist and florist for your day can often be one of the first elements you consider as you want the space to have a certain feel to it. Venues generally provide a blank canvas, allowing couples to infuse their personalities and preferences into a location.

Harvest by Monique curates personalised quotes to ensure that your budget is kept in mind, working inclusively to tailor this pivotal aspect of planning into her approach. It is important to note that these two services predominantly work virtually, with a couple only seeing around 10% of the process. From concept to the day, an average of 100’s of hours go into research, brief development, sourcing specific items, site visits, meetings and finally installation and pack down on the day.

Let’s style the wedding of your dreams!

If you are ready to take action and turn your dreams into a reality we have included a special offer for you. For a limited time only Monique has kindly given us an exclusive discount for her styling and florals. Lovers by AVW readers will receive 10% off their package when using this code before May 2024. Simply quote HARVEST10 when booking both her styling and floristry to receive this offer.

Couples must book both services to be entitled to this discount and need to pay the deposit before May 2024.

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